Vietnam – Japan: Consensus to promote the development of Vietnam Japan University project

On April 07th 2015, The President of VNU PhungXuanNha had a meeting with Mr. Takebe Tsutomu- Special advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance.The Vice President of VNU Nguyen Hoang Hai, the director of VJU Management Unit Vu Anh Dung, the director of Cooperation & Development department Nguyen Anh Thu also attended the meeting.

In the Japanese side, there arethe Envoy of the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam- Mr. Katsuro Nagai, theCEO of Mainichi Newspapers- one of the three largest newspapers in Japan- Mr. TerunoTsuneda, and the Secretary General of TOA Research Institute of Japan- Mr. Takeshi Takano.



At the meeting, the President of VNU PhungXuanNha expressed the delight to welcome the group to VNU. The two sides exchanged useful information related to the VJU project. The project has attracted special attention and supports from many politicians, leaders of the two countries. It is also the cooperation project, which the government of both sides determines to promote the development.

Discussed about the current stage of the project, the President PhungXuanNha said, after the groundbreaking ceremony took place at VNU’s premises in Hoa Lac on December 20th 2014, land clearance had basically completed, the preparation for the construction of facilities for VJU was ready. The Regulations on Organization and Operation has established and it is in the process of finishing to submit to the Prime Minister for approval this year. Besides, many other activities are being implemented and have good results.

“VNU will accelerate the establishing of project overall plan including detailed progress of each task, tasks which two side will cooperate, as well as the proposals to the Government of Vietnam and Japan. To prepare for admission in 2016, VNU currently has policies to attract teams of great scientists, staff, and faculty in the country. In the future, VNU will send them to Japan to train and study before they become lecturers and faculty of the school”.

According to the President PhungXuanNha, this year VNU will coordinate with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to organize promoting investment seminars in Vietnam to attract enterprises’ attention. The President PhungXuanNha said:” The leaders of both countries are particularly interested in this project. Hence,the most important task at the moment is planning in detail steps of the project. To do this, we need the coalition government from both sides.”


Vietnam – Japan: Consensus to promote the development of Vietnam Japan University project

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. TAKEBE Tsutomu- Special advisor to the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance said that both sides need to coordinate more closely to implement the project as planned. To promote the development of the project, Japan has established the Project Promotion Committee, which is led by Mr. Hiroshige Seko- Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and key members are Director Generals.


Appreciated VNU’s efforts in project implementation, Mr. TAKEBE Tsutomu expressed his hope for significant project improvement in the future. He will continue to support and promote the development of the project. Mr TAKEBE Tsutomu emphasized: “Setting up a specific operation plan for VJU is necessary. It should be jointly establish by both countries. The operation plan will be the base to facilitate business investment for this project in the future.”



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