Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment of Japan visit VNU Vietnam Japan University

On May 02, 2018, Vietnam Japan University (VJU), VNUHN was honored to welcome Mr. Arata TAKEBE, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment of Japan on his working visit to the University.

The University’s representatives warmly welcomed the visiting delegation with the attendance of Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vu Anh Dzung - VJU Standing Vice Rector, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh - Vice Rector, Mr. Kazuhiro Yoneda - Chief Advisor of TC project, Prof. Jun Nakajima - Special Advisor to the Rector on Science and Technology, and chiefs of the University’s functional departments and units.


On behalf of VJU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Anh Dzung, Standing Vice Rector, extended his sincere thanks to the invaluable assistance and unstinting support of the Government of Japan in general and of Mr. Arata Takebe in particular to the development of the University.


Since its foundation and the launch of its Master’s programs in September 2016, VJU has made encouraging progress and significant achievements. For example, VJU’s Rectorate Board was established and assumed control; VJU continued to design and run new Master's degree programs; and it was prepared to offer undergraduate courses in 2019, etc. Notably, VJU is to hold a graduation ceremony for the first cohort of its Master’s programs in July, 2018, marking the University’s first significant contribution to the supply of high-quality human resources and the development of education both locally and regionally.


Mr. Arata Takebe was thankful for the warm reception, emphasizing that VJU was founded to promote the close cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, with an objective of training young generations in Vietnam with support from Japan. Personally, Mr. Arata Takebe was delighted to observe students trained by the University, believing that VJU graduates would, with their professional accomplishments, contribute to the development of Vietnam and Japan and help to foster the strong relationship between the two countries.


According to Mr. Arata Takebe, VJU’s Master’s programs in Environmental Engineering and Climate Change and Development are consistent with the strategic agenda for cooperation between Japan and Vietnam as well as ASEAN countries on environmental policy and climate change, which requires activeinvolvement of various concerned parties. The National Diet of Japan is particularly interested and plans to cooperate with Vietnam to formulate legal policies on adaptation to climate change. Japan is a developed country that used to suffer from environmental issues. From its experience, Japan expects to help Vietnam avoid the problems it once encountered in the course of development. Therefore, the Government of Japan greatly values the contribution of VJU in supplying human resources and undertaking activities within the cooperation framework, especially in response to climate change and natural disasters, e.g. storms, floods, earthquakes in Japan, South East Asian countries and Vietnam.


Mr. Arata Takebe, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment of Japan


Dr. Nguyen Hoang Oanh, VJU Vice Rector, presented the highlights from the University’s training and research activities. Accordingly, VJU receives funding from both governments; has an extensive network of leading Japanese partner universities; and gets generous support from VNUHN. Its programs are designed on the philosophy of Liberal arts education and Sustainable development. VJU always aims to build an international academic environment that incorporates core values of both Japan and Vietnam.

 Since its operation, VJU has advanced in training, scientific research and staff development. A number of VJU students have received acceptance offers from businesses in Japan even before their graduation at the end of July 2018 and many are expected to obtain scholarships from the Government of Japan to pursue postgraduate studies at leading Universities in Japan. VJU students also brought home notable achievements, e.g. awards for scientific research and start-up projects, and a Career Quest grand prize. The University is also known for its accomplishments in scientific research with many research projects funded by scientific and technological development funds and numerous papers published on ISI/Scopus-indexed journals.



Within the framework of his visit, Mr. Arata Takebe spent time at VJU’s My Dinh campus, meeting and discussing with students and faculty members of the University.

In addition to numerous visits by senior leaders of the Government of Japan to VJU, Mr. Arata Takebe’s working visit confirms the undivided attention of the Government of Japan to VJU, a symbol of cooperation in education and scientific research between Vietnam and Japan.




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