Vietnam Japan University cooperates with Osaka University to establish the master program in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is one of six master programs, which VJU plans to begin admission in 2016. Osaka University is one of leading public universities in Japan and a cooperative unit in establishing this master program. Osaka University was established in 1724. People believe that it is the birthplace of natural sciences and Japanese applications, including Nanotechnology. During 10 years continuously, Osaka University has ranked 3rd in Japan and in the top 70 of the world’s QS ranking.


Osaka University's Gate

Osaka University’s Gate



In the middle of March 2015, a team of VJU experts including professors and doctors had a business trip to visit Osaka University and to discuss about establishing the master of Nanotechnology.The discussions were within the framework of the “Super Global University” project, which was located at Osaka University.


Seating row from left to right: Professor Bach Thanh Cong, Professor Nguyen Hoang Luong, Professor Hideaki Kasai, and Professor YojiShibutani ; Standing row from left to right: Associate Professor Wilson Agerico Dino, Ph.D. Bui Nguyen Quoc Trinh, Associate Professor Mamoru Sakaue, Ph.D. Nguyen Hoang Nam


Professors of Osaka University welcome and get ready to participate in the process to establish VJU master program in Nanotechnology, as well as to teach and guide students when the program starts in 2016.

In many meetings at Osaka University, the content focuses on the direction of Nanotechnology program, standard output, standard input, and the curriculum. The working groups of both sides have discussed the necessary conditions for the professors of Osaka University to come and teach at VJU; for Vietnamese lecturers and professors to practice academic exchanges, to research and teach at Osaka University in the future. The topics of scholarship, sustainability of the program, and job opportunities after graduation have also been discussed in detail. Other forms of scientific cooperation were discussed to step-by-step form VJU research program on Nanotechnology. This is one of the conditions for program’s quality assurance, as well as career orientation for graduated students.


Cherry blossom in the campus of Osaka University

Cherry blossom in the campus of Osaka University


About Nanotechnology:
Nanotechnology is an engineering, which associated with research, application, design, manufacture of plant, materials, and structures, etc.…in nanometers (1/ of metric unit) Nanostructures have potential applications in many fields such as information technology, engineering, materials, health, clothing, etc. Due to the small size, the Nano structure transistors can increase the speed of data processing and energy saving. As expected, the world will have a lot of interesting and useful technical inventions in the twenty-first century with the scientific applications and Nanotechnology.


About the master program in Nanotechnology at VJU:

VJU will begin admission to its master program in Nanotechnology (cooperated with Osaka University) in September 2015. Its first semester will start in September 2016. For more information about the master of Nanotechnology as well as other VJU master programs, updated scholarship, admission policies, opportunities to work in Japan, please click here or contact us:

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